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about web server Robot?

1What is a web server bot?
The web server robot is actually a program in Python language that is running on a server (personal or virtual computer) and has the ability to receive signals from the Tradingview website and send buy or sell orders to exchanges.
2What is required for the web server bot to work properly?
For the web server robot to work properly, a system (personal or virtual computer) is needed that is run 24/7 and has access to the Internet in order to be able to maintain its connection with the TradingView site and the exchange.
3How to monitor the positions opened by the web server robot?
The web server robot has the ability to connect to the Telegram messenger, through which it sends you the positions taken by the robot with full details, along with the amount of your profit and loss in each trade, as well as the overall balance of your account.
4Is it possible to withdraw or deposit money to the account through the web server robot?
No, this possibility is not available for the web server robot. In addition, to protect your account, you should not give withdrawal access when generating the API Key and Secret Key.

About ordering products from the site

1How to order bot web server?
To order the web server robot, you can purchase the product through the product purchase link. After entering your details, you will be connected to the bank payment portal and your order will be finalized after payment.
2How do I receive the package after placing the order?
After you finalize your order. An email containing a link to download the package will be sent to you. which includes the Python web server robot program along with step-by-step training videos to start and use the robot. In addition, the site supporters are with you step by step to implement and use the web server robot.
3If the web server robot is updated, can I receive its update?
Yes, if there is an update, the update notification email will be sent to you along with the download link.


Apitrading webserver bot is developed in Python programming language and is capable of connecting your TradingView-written strategies to the Binance exchange with high precision and immediate execution of buy and sell signals. With Apitrading, you can effortlessly connect your pre-designed strategy to Binance without any modification and automatically execute your strategy signals on the exchange 24/7.

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