What is API Trading?

What is API Trading?

Welcome to Apitrading Developer Website, where we introduce you to the exciting world of Automated API Trading. Have you ever come across a trading indicator or strategy on TradingView and wished you could automatically execute trades on your preferred exchange based on that strategy? Unfortunately, TradingView does not currently offer this feature to its users, limiting you to coding and backtesting your strategy without the ability to have live and automated trades.

But fear not! We have the perfect solution for you. Our powerful tool allows you to seamlessly connect your TradingView-written strategies to the Binance exchange, enabling automatic trade execution based on your strategy. In the following sections, we'll explain how this works and introduce you to the necessary tools.


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Introducing the Web Server Robot

To achieve this seamless integration, we utilize an intermediary web server. This server acts as a bridge between your TradingView strategy and the crypto exchange. Written in Python programming languages, the web server runs continuously on a virtual server or personal computer.

Here's how it works: Your strategy on TradingView is connected to the web server via a URL endpoint. Whenever a buy or sell signal is generated by your TradingView strategy, the web server receives and interprets the signal. If the extracted data aligns with predefined algorithms, the signal is encrypted and sent to the exchange for execution.


Introducing the APITRADING Web Server Bot!

Our APITRADING Web Server Bot, developed in Python, is specifically designed to connect your TradingView strategies to the Binance exchange. With high precision and immediate execution of buy and sell signals, the APITRADING bot allows you to effortlessly connect your pre-designed strategy to Binance. No modifications needed. Your strategy signals are automatically executed on the exchange 24/7.


Reliability and Error Handling

One common concern with web server bots is encountering runtime errors, which can interrupt the bot's functioning and prevent strategy execution. However, we've taken extra measures to ensure a smooth experience. The APITRADING Web Server Bot automatically handles errors and exceptions that may arise during continuous execution, minimizing disruptions. Moreover, the bot incorporates multiple Telegram messenger services to provide essential reports and notifications, keeping you informed and allowing for prompt intervention if needed.


Stop-Loss and Take-Profit Orders

Our Web Server Bot also offers the ability to place stop-loss and take-profit orders for opened positions. Depending on your preference, you can choose between two methods. The first method involves closing the trade when a TradingView signal for trade closure is issued. The second method allows you to set predetermined stop-loss and take-profit percentage values, which the bot will use to calculate and automatically place stop-limit orders on Binance. This approach provides an added layer of protection, ensuring your trades remain safeguarded.


API Key & Secret Key

To set up the web server bot, you'll need to connect it to your exchange account using API keys and SECRET keys. These keys establish the connection between your account and the web server, enabling trade execution on your behalf. Setting up API trading involves enabling API access in your verified exchange account and configuring the necessary settings to obtain your API key and SECRET key. Once obtained, you can enter these keys into your web server bot as per the tutorial instructions, allowing the bot to execute trades on your behalf.


Connecting the Web Server Bot to TradingView

To connect your web server bot to TradingView, you can create a Binance URL linked to your local server port. This URL can be easily generated using the provided tutorial file, enabling seamless communication between your TradingView account and the web server bot.


We've Got You Covered

We understand the importance of uninterrupted operation for web server bots. That's why we've taken special care to address concerns related to URL disconnections. The URL created by our system is designed to be controlled by the web server bot itself, ensuring the bot remains operational without disruption. Trust in our solution for a hassle-free experience.


Advantages of the APITRADING Web Server Bot:

1. High accuracy in interpreting data and executing commands based on your strategy signals.

2. Continuous execution without disruptions caused by errors or exceptions.

3. Reliable connection between the web server bot and TradingView, ensuring uninterrupted operation.

4. Timely notifications for trade openings, closures, stop-loss or take-profit activations.

5. Error notifications and alerts if command execution fails or if the bot encounters any issues.

6. Full launch of the web server bot with ongoing support for the product.


In summary, the APITRADING Web Server Bot delivers exceptional accuracy, reliability, and real-time notifications for executing your trading strategies. With our comprehensive support and reliable setup, you can confidently automate your trades and focus on your trading success.


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