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What is API Trading?

Perhaps you have encountered a trading indicator or strategy on TradingView and want your trades to be executed automatically on your preferred exchange according to the strategy you have written Unfortunately, at present, TradingView has not provided this feature to its users, and you can only code your strategy in the TradingView editor and backtest it, but you cannot have live and automated trades.

If you are facing this issue, you have come to the right place because we are here to introduce you to a powerful tool that allows you to automatically execute your trades on Binance exchange based on your strategy...

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Advantages of APITRADING Web Server Robot:

1. High accuracy in receiving and interpreting data and executing commands according to the signal received from the strategy.

2. No uncertainty or interruption of the robot due to possible errors during continuous execution.

3. No disconnection of the web server robot from the TradingView website under any circumstances.

4. Sending notifications to the user when a trade is opened or closed, or when a stop loss or take profit tick is activated.

5. Sending notifications to the user in case of any error in executing received commands or if the request sent by the exchange is not executed correctly, or if the robot stops for any reason.

6. The possibility of fully launching the web server robot with permanent support for the product.

In summary, the APITRADING Web Server Robot provides high accuracy and reliability in executing trading strategies while ensuring that the user is always informed of any updates or errors. Additionally, the product comes with full support and a reliable initial setup.


About US

Our Webserver Robot serves as the backbone of our offerings, enabling you to automate your trades based on signals generated by indicators or your own custom strategies. By seamlessly integrating TradingView with your preferred exchange, our robot executes your positions with precision and efficiency. Say goodbye to manual trading and harness the power of automation to stay ahead in the fast-paced world of trading.

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Apitrading webserver bot is developed in Python programming language and is capable of connecting your TradingView-written strategies to the Binance exchange with high precision and immediate execution of buy and sell signals. With Apitrading, you can effortlessly connect your pre-designed strategy to Binance without any modification and automatically execute your strategy signals on the exchange 24/7.